Sunday, December 26, 2010

HH&S on hiatus

Blog author is dealing with chronic pain disorder - website on hiatus for now.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Promises, promises...

Maybelline's Falsies mascara promises lashes that look as long and lush as extensions. That's good, because my lashes are trashed from constant eyelash extensions. Here are the pics, on my lips - Cover Girls lip stain...

This looks like any other mascara. Promises, promises....

Link Love!

I work a corporate day job so I can longer wear Alice Cooper makeup and have green hair. But a girl can dream, right? Here are the beauty blogs I follow.

Pink Sith - A Pink Darth Vader invades planet earth and dispels beauty advice. That's good, considering most women are totally crazed from reading fashion magazines and their schizo advice. Elvira will also add your link to her page without requiring you to walk on glass and eat fire like the rest of these self important beauty bloggers. One of my faves.

Adora Brat - This insanely gorgeous woman is a model, has 3 kids, can bake, and blogs even when she is high as a kite on medicines to combat respiratory illnesses. And what did YOU do today. Yeah, same here. Going to open my big bag of disappointment now. Lady Gaga, this girl could tear you to pieces.

Glitter is my Crack - Ok - well if this girl is a crackhead then she certainly is high functioning. A website that proves makeup is not just useless garbage to smear on your face. This girl's face should adorn the cover of Art in America.

Beauty Thesis - This brainy sweet faced beauty looks at the world of beauty with wonder and curiosity. Her eyes sparkle like gumdrops. She actually writes back to you if you write to her about makeup. A NICE GIRL! Go say hi!

Heart-On for Indie Makeup - Wow - Another blog that shows how creative makeup artistry can get. I drool over T's giant blue eyes that peer out through monster spider lashes. She's a musician and getting her masters' degree in Literature. A tall girl, too.

Brooklyn Dolls - New Yorkers who go uptown, downtown and to every borough to find cool spots for nails and makeup. A great website for Sephora junkies. And the east coast is where it all happens people. I know - I used to live there. If you buy your crappy makeup from CVS, at least go to this blog so they can tell you how to wear it. So cool I almost feel unworthy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

HH&S goes weekly

Grrrr - chronic pain sucks. And you know why? The fatigue, the meds, aaaah! Say it with me! AAAAAH!
Ok - so this blog is going weekly - have to focus on the paid writing gigs.
But you what they say... less is more. And I live in Texas! I could get shot for saying that.
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