Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here come the body lotions

Tell me if you can relate to this - every year for Xmas I get body lotions from people I don't particularly like/know or want presents from in the first place. Regifting has made it possible for people to toss off really gnarly body lotions and hand creams to some poor unsuspecting person.
So - what to do? Well - your little footies are not very discriminating, and they will love you very much if you slather on that pineapple coffee raisin kiwi lotion on them, cover them with socks, and wish them a good night. Seriously, just think if you do this every night throughout the winter, by spring your feet will be silky smooth, and all the body lotions will be gone.
At least until next Xmas, when some coworker gives you a bag of rejects that somebody gave her. But.. it's the thought that counts... umm... yeah.

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