Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Head and Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo & conditioner

 I remember my grandmother used to sleep with her hair soaked in oil and a hair cap on her head. Yeech!

I inherited the chronic dry/itchy/flaky scalp, so I always use dandruff shampoo mixed with other shampoos. For this review I used a sample of Head & Shoulders Classic Clean and Classic Clean Conditioner.
Wow - this stuff works! No itching, no flaking, but I felt like I washed my hair with turpentine. The conditioner has a mild scent but is practically useless. I will need to use a much milder shampoo in my next hair wash.
Use the shampoo when you get itchy, but forget the conditioner. Also - what's the point? Dandruff shampoo is a one trick pony. Head & Shoulders conditioner is a waste of time.

You might notice the miniature chair where I photograph my beauty review products. Let's call it the BEAUTY THRONE!

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