Monday, November 1, 2010

Cover Girl Discontinued Lipsticks - Tru Shine and Continuous Color

Since everything is PINK PINK PINK for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to review this CG's Tru Shine, as shade #400, Powder Pink Shine, is one of the most flattering pinks I have ever found in an OTC lipstick. This line has been
discontinued, but you still may find extra stock at CVS, or even try EBay. Tru Shine advertises itself as a line that flatters 97% of wearers’ skin tones, and I can see how that’s possible. Tru Shine almost melts into a liquid when applied, and is super sheer. It leaves a faint trace of color after it smudges off. You would be hard pressed to find a color that clashes because of how translucent the shades are overall.
This is a lipstick you want to keep on hand; it doesn’t last past a few sips from  a coffee cup. But it shines, it’s odorless, and it can be layered with other colors. I recommend using a lip pencil to keep the lips from looking too messy. A great buy for the money.
You may wonder why I am reviewing discontinued products – the fact is, many of these products are still lurking around on the shelves of your local Walgreens or CVS. Also, many of the colors in the more expensive and more recent CG lipsticks can be matched to these brands. Look under the discontinued section on the CG website.
In any case, I did a test drive of CG’s Continous Color lipstick. This stuff smells like wax. It’s an earlier version of their Outlast product concept, and this lipstick stays put. I tested it on my lunch of chicken strogranoff – sauce, cheese, noodles… all the ickiness that usually obliterates my lip color. However, with all the other exceptional lip colors out there that do the same thing, I would not recommend this product, unless you find a color match you really love.

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