Friday, November 12, 2010

Olay Total Effects body wash

Aaah paradise in a bottle! Oil of Olay does it again with a product that is superb, even though it is made with the same ingredients as a million other products. Maybe there is some magic to the Olay brand after all.
This lavish, creamy body wash goes on like a moisturizer then slowly starts to foam, leaving the skin with a subtle sheen. I've noticed that my skin has a softness to it - I did a test with this product and the dreaded Softsoap body wash, and wow, what a difference.
As far as the fantastic claims that Oil Of Olay makes regarding this body wash and its anti aging properties, I'm less convinced. We all know that the way to stop aging is to stay out of the sun, be healthy, and get a good dermatologist!
I do admire Oil Of Olay for rebranding their products for a more modern skin care line. I remember when the pink lotion in the bottle was THE Oil of Olay product. Women are very loyal to this brand, so it takes alot of chutzpah to change it up. Good for them.

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