Friday, November 12, 2010

Sally Hansen Insta Dry nail polish

I am in love with this product. Sally Hansen's Insta Dry nail colors are modern, shiny and really do dry quickly and evenly. I'm really impressed with the variety of the colors - unlike other brands, these colors such as the ones shown are fashionable. Try them! They are excellent!


  1. How do you like the brush on this one? - I bought a different SH polish but found the brush so big it was hard to use - I haven't tried this one yet though!

    Best, Lisamarie

  2. Hi Lisamarie - Thanks for your comment! I'm afraid this product also has the flat, large brush style. This is where personal preference comes in, I like the bigger brushes, but it sounds like this is going to be an uncomfortable brush for you. NYC "in a minute" quick dries have skinny brushes and the colors are decent. LMK what you think. Ciao! Liz


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