Monday, November 15, 2010

Jergens Daily Hydration/Nightly Restoration

This is another of those “old lady”, chronic dry skin lines that has rebranded to reach out to women obsessed with aging. I was fortunate enough to receive some samples, so I slathered both creams on after showering - the day cream on my arms, and the night cream on my elbows, knees and buns. I've never been convinced that the formulas in beauty products change or become more effective when they are designed for "night" or "day". Same with eye creams - these formulas are usually just the same skin cream in a small bottle. We are too smart to fall for this nonsense, right?
Anyway - that's my rant for today. Jergens is very oily. I was very apprehensive applying these creams as they turned super slick and oily - and the creams were NOT being absorbed by my skin. I kept massaging the cream into my skin and then eventually just wiped off the rest with a towel. Jergens, is pretty good at keeping the skin soft, though. I noticed that my elbows and knees were noticeably less reptilian than usual. But TOO oily! I will not be using this one again.Thank God for samples.

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